EarthQuakes! A season of ignorances No more!


The recent 5.8 magnitude earthquake could not go unnoticed! I set up in bed to the rumblings of the earth. Just a few years ago I may have gotten excited, but this time….I rolled over and caught another 15 minutes of sleep. Had I realized that this one exceeded the 5.6 now upgraded to 5.7 BIG ONE that moved the ground just outside of Prague I would have immediately turned on the television. This one was 3 times the distance away from my current location. So what happened? The earth slid in contrast to itself. Why? Because it had too! It was under pressure to do something. 

Do certain leaders still play ignorant of the factors that contribute to the great shakes? Playing ignorant is one thing but truly being ignorant is another. But hey….I get it! It’s BIG business. It employs several thousands of people. Annnnnd… has a strong arm that holds a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong I like the oil and gas industry. I really do. I can’t help but believe it is time to hold the industry accountable for what’s happening underneath the earth’s crust. Millions of dollars in damage to property and now injuries. What’s next….death? I truly hope not but if we are not going to regulate ( notice I did not say stop completely) it is only a matter of time. A industry that gets BILLIONS in tax credits and incentives needs to pay some type of restitution to the state of the State that it has put us in. I have tweeted and blogged from a education revenue stand point about the tax cred/incentives that the oil industry gets and I still believe every word typed but now I say…paying in by the industry (restitution) in the form of taxes is also a way of replacing what has been lost in the way of cost by individuals and the State. It’s time to pay up to 7-10%. Use 1-2% of that to fund payment for losses suffered by individuals and businesses due to the earthquakes. After all this is not Mother Nature’s work. It’s at the hand of man! It’s only right. We must own our mistakes and take care of our fellow man. Our neighbors deserve it…our children deserve it and our State must demand it! NO MORE IGNORANCE! IT NOW FALLS ON SHAKY GROUND!  

Below is my original post about a season of ignorance! We Are United As ONE!

Ignorance is no excuse!  It is a phrase that we all grew up with.  To say I didn’t know was unacceptable.  If you were doing something worth while or sometimes just plain idiotic you had better thought through the process and its consequences. Whatever came your way…well lets just say, you owned it.  If I was mowing the grass and ran over moms small tea cup rose bush and then tried to stick what was left of the rag tagged stem back in the dirt before anyone noticed, i could not simply say, “I didn’t see it there.” It would not suffice nor would it make your intelligence level appear to be podium worthy.  No, it generally meant that there was Hell to pay and Lucifer would be home soon to collect it out of my back pocket area.  Luckily we (I) survived it.  I lived to mow another day which allowed me to once again plead ignorance time and time again.  Eventually the fly by the seat of my pants season(s) were replaced with those of utilizing wisdom gained from seasons past.  So I wonder why pleading ignorance today or simply acting as if “we did not know that the revenue was going to turn downward”, is an acceptable answer?  I say it is NOT! Maybe it was calculated by some praying on the ignorance of others to follow……..still no excuse!

Those in control of formulating (whether they actually came up with the numbers or not) and putting together the bills that are passed (tax cuts/tax incentives) are not allowed to plead ignorance on any account.  Simply not acceptable nor responsible on their part.  Take for instance the tax cuts that were recently passed and signed into law that allowed a trigger mechanism tied to a growth mark in the economy.  The theory behind this process was flawed from the beginning and quite possibly intended to be misleading in order to get enough votes to ensure its passage. Deception maybe….i think that may have a place here.  You see its not all about what is right but more like what i want or maybe just maybe what a influential… can fill in whatever you want here because chances are it has been true at some point (vote) in time. Bills that are debated and or voted on at some point (ones of this magnitude) should also be given to the legislators with ample time provided to read and try to come to some understanding of the bills intent. So often this is not the case as with the tax bill(s). On more than one ocasion a legislator has told me that he or she has not had time to properly read the bill in order to make a wise decision. Still NO excuse! If you dont know, then vote no! Its simply….well… that SIMPLE!

Agents we must hold them accountable.  We will not stand for this reckless unacounting way of taking care of our children.  We owe it to kids to not allow “ignorance” make decisions that hurt our young ones.