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Its not about ones job, its about everyone’s child and their education! Agents of Education includes all stakeholders who are invested in Public Education. We stand together to ensure that every child regardless of socialeconomic status gets a free education in a Public School. There is no litmus test or entry fee to get in. We believe a good meal will help ensure health and enhance learning. We even help with that through our lunch programs. Sadly,  ESA’s will reduce schools ability to provide these meals in the same manner because of the reduced funding. It is time to put away ideologies that will not support Public Education to its fullest.  Public Education is the life line for many kids. Without it many will not enjoy the benefits of a properly funded education. The aticle below via oklahomawatch speaks about the wide spread concern that spans the state.


Education Siphoning Act (ESA)


Public Education is running low on fuel. Every district has suffered cuts over the past 8 years (24%) and its growing! With a state economy on life support some legislators backed by, for profit groups, are trying to push ESA’s through during this session. My question is, why? Can one person(s) convictions to provide financial assistance to families who do not want to send their child to a public education facility be heart felt on their part? Especially when we are $1.3 billion in the whole! They know public education kid’s education will suffer as a result of the siphoning off of money at the hands of ESA’s. So why??? Are the legislators that cruel to put the students education at risk? There has to be a reason…. I refuse to believe that given all the financial research and documentation at their disposal that they would just send education down the green mile! “Dead man walking.” But Rep Nelson is a smart man. He knows the facts. He really can’t refute any of the claims and doesn’t try anymore. So why?? Is it for future financial gain for himself? Or is it Pride and Selfishness, rearing its ugly head? Both have been the demise of countries, men and possibly in this case, education as we know it. When someone looks you in the eye and says, “this is going to hurt” with no remorse in their voice I must take notice! I vowed to educate every student and protect them from harm when they are under my care. We all did! Something isnt right about all this. I dont mean ESA’s themselves,  I mean the act of pushing this issue on the kids given our drastic state. Can a mans convictions out way the facts and the children? Maybe? Thats the best I can give you sir. Maybe….  I lean towards the earlier statement of financial gain and selfish pride to pass this type of bill you have been championing from the beginning.
Agents its time to send a resounding message! You’ve been great! We have defeated most all the consolidation bills and was very close to defeating this one. Its time to end ESA’s for good this year. Call, call, call! Melt the phone lines. Wear out the ear pieces.  Go visit every chance you get. But most of all….when you get the call that the bill is to be heard on the floor We show up!  Monday was a moment that will be discussed for sometime. The walls cried out with anticipation. Agents you did it then and we will fight again! We are taking back education for our student’s.  Its theirs,  not the capitols! Stand ready! We Are United As ONE!

United As ONE!

marvel agents of edu

Today Agents of Education your voice was heard. The crowd was awesome and the buzz was electrifying!  I could hear the walls tighten as if to say “the vibe, it’s too much” make it stop.  The committee members seemed somewhat relaxed yet anxious. And they should have been.  Today with more passion and persistence you entered the doors of the capitol.  Your steps were more deliberate and your aim more true.  That was evident and everyone could feel it.  You carried yourselves with pride and determination. Your chin was up and shoulders back and nobody would be played the fool today.  Yes Agents you made us proud! You made your students proud. You made those who set at the table proud even though many will not admit it.  Today they saw, democracy and the power that gives it, its name at work.  They didn’t see a mob, they didn’t see a group coming for their heads, no, they saw YOU!  You who are tired of our students being taken advantage of. You who will no longer be spoon fed and told how it will be. You, they saw you….. You who have now decided it’s going to be different…they saw you.  You, are the ones our kids need, you are the ones #oklaed needs.  They saw you….  Consolidation went down and even though the vote on ESA’s did not go the entire way we wanted, it did send a message.  That message was, You!  I am proud of You! We will continue to fight and we will win! Why? Because of You! Tomorrow is a new day and we will be ready for whatever it brings. Stand ready Agents… We are United As ONE!    Engaged on behalf of those who look up to us! UNITED AS ONE! #UAO!


1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I’m late but I’m IN!

What has been your ONE biggest struggle during this school year?

  1. I struggled to keep this suit off… I knew I needed to put it on but it really wasn’t my style. I am the one who will walk the walk with you and do my part, speak when needed and listen more often but never the one unless pushed……well the rest will be answered below….

Share TWO accomplishments that you are proud of from this school year.

  1. I was able to fit inside this suit! Although, the Big Guy still giggles when he sees me…like the green giant!
  2. I found a different voice. Some of you have had it all your life (I mean that with love) and some of you know what I’m talking about from this side of things…its different. Yet kind of crazy at times.

What are THREE things that you wish to accomplish before the end of the school year?

  1. I hope that in some way, We AGENTS of EDUCATION and our SS will never be taken as pawns in a legislator’s show.
  2. STOP ESA’s for good!
  3. Stop CONSOLIDATION and shorten it to CONSOL, as in CONSOL the Legis for their losses…not really, let them get a bottle of bubbles and go out the West doors and blow J I’m kind of joking if your one and reading this..       Just STOP your attacks on our kids.

Give FOUR reasons why you remain in education in today’s rough culture.

  1. Students
  2. Kids
  3. 1&2
  4. You can’t see me, but I look goooood in this suit! Shut it, Big Guy, at least I don’t rip my pants every time I put them on… who’s laughing????

Which FIVE people do you hope will take the challenge of answering these questions?

Matt Riggs, Mindy Dennison, Megan Cabe, Ryan Owens, Barbie Jackson