What Does #Oklaed Mean to You? • Teaching From Here

What #oklaed means to you..

What we see in the pic is real! Okay you really wouldn’t be able to get that many personalities to stand still for that long. That one in the front is wiry! #oklaed is everything before us! This political season has taken on a personality of its own. It’s changed and is continuing to change the way education is seen. Agents of Education following the examples of the forerunners who have carried the torch the past few years are now leading discussions about education. #oklaed has a nationwide following and is continuing to grow. We are now being looked at and modeled as a group that is leading changes for their students and defending their rights to be given the respect they deserve. And why??? Why do we do it? Because #oklaed means Family! And that is what we are….we are United As ONE!

via @TeachFromHere It means mahollo to me!



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