RELOADED! Wisdom Put on Hold! It Just wasnt OUR fault!


It was in December when I first posted this blog. It was actually December 2015 when I posted any blog. Only 5 months but seems like an eternity! Several changes have taken place during this time……consolidation bills, ESA/I’m a voucher bill and the most painstaking of all “The BUDGET FAILURE, THE BUDGET FAILURE, THE BUDGET FAILURE! Count them one by one and they = 3! Sad really…didn’t have to happen….didn’t have to happen. So we cut, scratch, claw with everything we have to stay on top, to save as many jobs as we can and ultimately….teach the students and not let the life be sucked out of their education.
Agents we have stood strong, we have warded off many of Hydra’s attacks. You have fought and continue the fight as warriors. WE ARE NOT DONE!
Many of our Agents of Education are answering the call by running for office! IT IS TIME! SHOW NO MERCY! Hydra had their chance…..But they PUT WISDOM ON HOLD! We move full speed ahead! Remember we told them this would happen but they didn’t listen!
My original blog is below…….

Seven years ago all the new legislators didn’t want to admit that there were some in their ranks that had a greater goal in mind but we warned them of what was to come. With the onslaught of attacks of public education and the continued talk of consolidation of school districts (almost 30 bills since that time and another one coming) coupled with the continued efforts of one State Rep from the N. side of Okc to lower property taxes (funding source for Public Ed), I could see the writing on the wall.  Along with several of our colleagues &educational organizations across the state we battled diligently to ward of many of the attacks on education.  Unfortunately over time some tax cuts in smaller bites got through.  Triggers were strategically tied to the economy (Oil) so that when a certain rise in revenue was reached BOOM the trigger was pulled. And behold a lower bar of taxes would soon go into place. Why……….because they wanted too.  They ran on the platform to lower taxes no matter what the cost.  The cost…..our Kids! They wouldn’t listen. With ears that refused to hear and a mind focused on selfish desires we now find ourselves in a mess much greater than they even anticipated.  Yes they knew what they wanted to happen but the mess superseded their term limited stay and left them in an uncomfortable position.

I pleaded with both Repubs and Dems do not rely on oil. I have been there and done that. I had been through big booms and little booms and no matter they size they go BUST!  They have too.  It is the normal cycle.  This one just happened to stay longer than most do.  Here it is in a nut shell and this is what I told them. Eventually there will be a situation that occurs that drives the oil prices up.  Jobs will be created and everyone will be happy and there will be money flowing from the heavens.  It can’t stay that way forever, so eventually it starts dropping.  Sometimes this happens quickly with no time to adjust and sometimes it happens slower giving us some time to prepare.  I term it the enema effect.  When oil is high it provides more opportunity for people to start up a business and capitalize on the oil market.  After so long revenues become somewhat less and the market has to rest thereby dropping prices and the smaller business who have put on extra people and equipment must sell off and do other things.  Nothing wrong with the free market that is how it works.  The latter is what happened this time but with solid funding sources such as taxes cut because wanted to it is Not Smart Finance! They wouldn’t listen.

So what now? Now they will try (are) to cover it by saying the oil prices are to blame and those schools are abusing and sucking up all the money. You will hear this as well……We really have no choice. We don’t want to but we must for the sake of the school children.  We are going to do everything we can to fix this…look into the camera and nod as if to say…we have your back kids. Then pat each other on the back as they walk out of camera view but don’t walk to fast.  Make it a slow painstaking walk.  Like the one you take when you are carrying a casket to its final resting place.  Unfortunately the headstone reads…..Here lies public Ed…We tried to save her but we just couldn’t.  The oil boom you see…………….. Rob had a blog on this yesterday (checklist from Schott McLeod) how methodical this game can be. Take a look.  Claudia put together a brilliant piece that goes right along with this time of year. Okeducationtruths, BlueCereal and several other Agents of Ed all have related topics over this very thing. A wealth of knowledge and a courage to make any Agent ready themselves to take the fight  the ones WHO DID NOT LISTEN!image

There is HOPE. You who read this, those who continue the fight, blog, make calls, meet with in person, parents, teachers, EVERYONE, you are a member of the Rebel Alliance and are Agents of Education.  You fight for our schools you fight for our kids.  Assemble and be ready! We have the tools; we have done it before….REMEMBER? United as ONE! The future is in our hands!

End of transmition…..


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