Stiff Necks&Cruel Intentions


“UPDATE” #2 coming soon!

4 months ago this was the sequel to my blog post “Wisdom Put On Hold.” We saw the writing on the wall that their were those in certain positions that had a agenda. It was an agenda of their making! No matter the cost (as long as it wasn’t theirs) they would move full speed ahead just like they had for the past several years. Seeing this unfold during this time….Agents of Education across this State decided that the unwise decisions of a few could not and would not continue without the Light of Education being shown on the Stiff Necks and cruel intentions of those in charge. No more passes and no more darkness. The students, teachers, districts and the people of Oklahoma deserve better!
Below is the earlier blog:

In an earlier blog titled “wisdom put on hold” I wrote about a meeting(s) I had with several legislators during a time frame that span 5-7 years about the very thing we are facing now. As a matter of fact their are agents still among us that were part of those
meetings. In many of those meetings we urged the legislators to not reduce taxes and to take a long hard look at the tax incentives. A few of us who had been in the business awhile knew that legislators reliance on oil as the revenue generator was a high risk investment.  That investment is of course our students, roads, prisons and many other State funded entities.  We also knew that it was only a matter of time. We tried to tell them to find other ways to invest in the states economy. But they just wouldn’t listen. When we realized that they weren’t going to budge in their ideaology. One of the last things we said to them was don’t come to us years from now and want to consolidate schools and cut budgets saying the economy left us no choice. The truth is, you did have a choice! Year after year while the oil prices were up you found reasons to not fund pay raises or fund education back anywhere near 2008. No you made excuses! As late as last year,meaning 3 months ago you were urged to put a hold on the tax cut that cost nearly $150M. You see, I believe it was your plan from the start! Starve those schools out! Cut the number of districts while putting money in your friends pockets.  Conspiracy theory….. more like conspiracy fact to me. Add ESA’s to the drainage and you get more devastation.  But wait!  Not all legislators and I will say most dont feel the way a few, do. They just were not given the proper time to review the legislation before voting. That needs to change. When in doubt vote NO! Myself along with other Agents of Education are willing to help where we can. Please except that help. One way or another we are all in this together. Our students deserve the best we can give not the watered down version of education.  Stop the ESA’s. Its a nail in the coffin for many. Forget about consolidation and trust the experts to educate. We want to trust you….. so let us! We are United As ONE! Things can happen when the Agents of Education come calling…


One thought on “Stiff Necks&Cruel Intentions

  1. I agree! This has been a deliberate process, certainly no accident. Diminish or eliminate public education has been their goal all along!

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