The Foundation


The time is at hand! August 23rd has come and gone. We have several Agents moving on but they need our help! We must not relent. This Novembers election can change history. Agents your comittment to #oklaed and it’s children has been noticed all across this great Nation. The legislators know it, the media knows it and yes even HYDRA fears the possibilities! I have all the faith in you and will continue to fight alongside of you until it’s finished. See it through with me and let’s get OUR Agents of Education elected into office and take BACK ,that which belongs to the young. By doing so all of Oklahoma will benefit and this State will be one that can say I support all. Below is a blog I posted months ago that stresses what Public Education means to all of humanity and what it might become if ALEC (HYDRA) and their confidante ‘ get their way! 

The Wise Man Built His House Upon A Rock! And the rains came tumbling  down. As the floods came up, the Wise Man’s house stood firm! A firm foundation  (cornerstone ) is the base or ground zero in which  everything  is supported. It should  be solid, bonded together with suitable materials  and cared for as time passes. The Foundation itself is the supporting  structure for everything we know today. Just look around. From fortune 500 companies to our incarceration population it all starts with the Foundation at some point. Now…there are variables at times that come into play no matter the Foundation that can change the outcome. However, the Foundation didn’t fail in those cases. Most likely it was one’s  choice to walk on shaky ground that caused their crumbling.
     As the picture above illustrates Education  is the foundation and the cornerstone in which everything is built upon. It ties everything  together. No government or businesses survive very long without it. On this foundation integrity and good citizenship are taught (built) as they are necessary for society to advance in meaningful ways. America was built upon this foundation. As the United States began to grow education  became ever so fundamentally important. Business  leaders began to see that a well educated public was key to a successful  business. Schools were built every 10 miles because it was important for every child to be able to attend a school. Needless to say education was a priority! As time passed on into the present day, education is still as important but the very businesses that benefited from a well educated society  saw education as a business  opportunity. Yes the reason to educate changed from building  the future to profiting off the those being educated. Instead of educating for the good of the individual some are trying to educate for the good of their wallet.
     ALEC and groups of simular cults believe their way is the best way. They care little about student success but rather success for the elite. Arm chair educators at best looking  to score on the backs of children. Public Education is the Foundation and is the Cornerstone of America. We have several legislators who are beholding to ALEC and others. ESA’s/vouchers and consolidation mongers. Wisdom must be used! Revenue failures will continue under this ideology. Our teachers  and staff are important and we should respect them and not pass bills that slap them in the face. Public Education is great! Improvements can be made here and there But those improvements take resources.  We owe it to the student’s of yesterday, today and tomorrow to ensure that the “Foundation” is solid. Because the Foolish Man built his house upon the sand. Then the rains came down…and as the floods came up, the foolish man’s house went……SPLAT!
On June 28th the primary election was held. Several of our Agents made it to the Runoff in August or to the General election in November. They have suited up! Now is the time. They need our support! Some still toute ESA’S and consolidation. Some legislators stands firm in this ideology. It is unwise to allow this way of thinking to keep its foot hold in #oklaed. Agents we must stand! You all have your specialties…use them! We must win back #oklaed for the children! They look up to us and they depend upon us! Wisdom is needed! We Are United As ONE!