In just two days we decide! Remember why….it’s worth it! You are strong. Unite together and stand tall!

AUGUST 23rd is in six days! We must remember why and how we got here. Those who put you in this position blame you and sadly blame the students for being poor and not being smart enough. Maybe they have not used those words but their actions speak volumes. AGENTS we must take back what is our kids’ before the result is utter devastion. We must work hard to get those who are pro public education into office on August 23rd. WE MUST! FIGHT LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE! STAND STRONG by STANDING TOGETHER and UNITED AS ONE!

Below are some things to help us to REMEMBER.

UDATED! In recent statements Doerflinger and Speaker Hickman pointed their fingers like children on the playground in the direction of State Superintendent Hoffmeister! Claiming that she doesn’t grasp the finacial aspects of the job she holds. REALLY? I can name many areas of finance and leading this State where both men have been inadequate to say the least. Doerflinger points out that the 1017 fund oversight was the States Superintendents oversight….Whose office does those numbers go through, who certifies those numbers, who declares those numbers and relays them to the masses????? OMES! Your office Secretary of Finance….You do and you did! Oh but wait….here I come to save the day….OMES found it at just the right time! If it wasn’t so ridiculous it would be laughable. You are incompetent sir and you need to resign! Speaker Hickman… make excuses for the text book ban or zero account. You said the State Superintendent told you toooo. It’s just not our fault that darn oil. Once again…the attitude is this…we are legislators and we know what is best. And how dare you come out and tell the truth it makes us look bad 😦 Suck it up and take your medicine Speaker! Let me see if I can recall some…just a few of your BAD decisions that have strangled Oklahoma’s revenue! 1) Tax cut #1. 2)The TRIGGER! 3) Tax cut #2 I won’t talk about tax incentives (Billions) record oil years and NO teacher pay raises! Of but wait some got raises (Doerflinger) and the top 1% of income earners in Oklahoma! Their average income of $930,000/year. They make 20% of all income in the State! We have set a State record for all time in this area…All Time! When did this start happening….8 years ago! Coincidence???? Tax cuts, triggers, incentives, tax cuts. How’s the teacher payraises coming….oh wait, never mind. To busy running OUR State into the ground while padding the pockets of that 1%. You want help…..ask…it’s here. But I really don’t see that happening anytime soon…not really to any credible degree. It’s not in your DNA! It’s time we take back that wich belongs to the children! You can not and will not put them first. So we must and we will.

AGENTS our time is the present! Get out and work for the cause, for the children, for the Pro Public Education canidates! No more cuts, triggers, esa’s, consolidation and I’ll placed tax incentives! AGENTS we must stand! It’s TIME!!!!

Below is my original post a few months ago:

Did you see it?  There it was.  It didn’t take long. Actually it was a little faster than I had expected, but if I was one of the minds that contributed to this mess that we are in I might have acted quickly as well. I saw it.  I saw the tell tale signs of what is to come.  I should say…..what less than truth (I must be honest, what LIES) we will be fed.  But first a recap.  Rep. Hickman, Senator Jolley and finance secretary Preston Doerflinger addressed the public with their take on just how we got here (oil! yes, yes lets blame them) and that schools are not really doing as bad as we think. Actually the jest was that we are better off now than we ever have been and it is our faults that out teachers haven’t got a much needed raise. “See Below”

“School districts have more money to spend than they ever have,” Hickman said, when asked about school funding.

“Our concern is if we’re spending more money than we ever have, why is that not getting into teacher salaries?” Hickman said. “In large part, those dollars haven’t gotten to where they needed to go.”

Ok, now did you see it???? Not only are we to “Blame” for not spending the over abundance of money that our districts have wisely……but “Shame” on us for not passing it down to our teachers.  Right……the truth is the teachers and students are not a priority for you!

The Senator Jolley (I got your back dude) echoes the words of Rep Hickman.

“On average, no question, every school district in Oklahoma has more money than it’s ever had,” Jolley said. “Their argument is that they also have more students than they’ve ever had. Ironically, the chart that shows that Oklahoma leads the nation in cuts to spending does not include… a lot of dollars that are directly flowing to education. And that report is flawed and is not comparing apples to apples.”

Really…apples to apples?  These Rose colored glasses…..that I’m looking through….don’t show me the beauty…  Sorry okeducationtruths I know I was dabbling in your area but I couldn’t help it.  I will not dawn those glasses.  We will see it for what it is!  You speak of accountability…I say great, lets be accountable.
Just this past week a 3% cut was announced. This did not have to happen….nor should it have. We have put together some ways to generate revenue that we are currently sharing with them. We will see if they will Listen….
Its time! United As ONE!