The reasons are still there!

Can you see them? Look close…peer into the darkness. The reasons are still there. What once was, still is to this day. Reasons for liberty, justice and pursuit of happiness. Reason to why you give everything you have to educate the young so that they can move forward in and have the best chance for success in life. Those reasons will always be there. Agents you took an oath when you started the journey of influence over the young minds of yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are duty bound to fulfill your destiny. Destiny….yes, we are destined to instill the tools needed to achieve greatness! Your destiny….that is so intertwined with the students you teach and so vitally important that we must ensure it can be fulfilled to fullest. Agents you have been ignored in the past to the point our students and schools are starting to suffer. It’s time for it to stop! Change is on the horizon if we maintain our focus! Change… is on the horizon even if we don’t do anything, however it won’t be for our students benefit. You see, change is coming one way or another, that I assure you. They want to give our students education away in the name of a select multitude attending Private or Home School choices. We all know this will strip finances away from a riddled school budget. They want to continue to lower taxes stripping finances away from a already crippled state. They want some of you….to just go away! Hard truth, yes, but truth all the same. I say NO! We will not let this happen. We have an opportunity to help make change happen. The time is now. Will all the changes happen that we want to see? No, of course not, but we must begin the process of much needed changes to be made now in order to build upon them later. We must continue the great start we have and continue it throughout the runoffs and then into November. Ahhh yes, November elections. The BIG one! President time….I really don’t know about you….wait I take that back I do know how some of you feel about this or that canidate 🙂 but I’m not to overwhelmingly impressed with either person. There is enough baggage and garbage on both sides to keep a TSA agent busy for a year just sorting thru it. Wisdom is needed here.

I spent the entire span of last week with the BIG GUY taking in some of this great nation’s beauty and wonder….and wonder I did. I wondered about several issues and how or if they ever could be remedied. It was at one of my first stops after two days of transporting that I came to what I call “The Reason’s” I was at my destination during the late evening time and this mountain stood before me…seen in the picture above. I was captivated by the object that was before me. It’s enormity in conjunction with the shadows and blue dusky sky was….well inspiring. I knew right away I had to take a picture. This moment for me had to be preserved so that I may draw upon it whenever needed. Even though I had no clue why I was taking not one but 11 pictures of this dark mass in front of me I knew it held great importance for not only me but for everyone in the entire modern world and yes I said world and  #oklaed in particular.

 I was told there would be an event within 20 minutes at our location that would shed light on why I was here. I can not tell you the anticipation I felt as the minutes clicked by.  I was…well….overwhelmed! What lay out there in the distance was everything i needed and what America hinged on. The reasons we fight for out students schools and teachers rest out there. The reasons we vote and stay active politically are reflections from the huge mass that I axiously awaited to show its self. You could feel it’s presence and it’s beckoning for justice through the system in which it was a part of today. I could feel it staring at me as if to ask….what are you going to do Agent? You have the power….it’s been given to you and everyone else in #oklaed.  Change it! Do what’s needed..stand up for the young…uphold the core principles of your trade because you are worthy! That’s what I heard. It kept saying it over and over as I stood there. I wanted to start typing but I didn’t want to look away for one second. I would continue to stare until the mountain faded and darkness took its place. And so it happened not the big finally mind you but something else. In the darkness I saw what might be if we didn’t do our part to fix things. I saw darkness! It was cold and there was no light and I didn’t like it.

 So I held my telecommunications device up to represent hope if only until more light came. I can not explain it in any other way but this……more light CAME! There it was….the beckoning of Wisdom! The call to every Agent to STAND! Stand up for the young, stand for the teachers and stand up for Public Education. By doing so you will in turn be standing up for all of humanity! After all a well educated child has a far better chance of being a contributing and successful individual to a world that is in much need of wisdom coupled with compassion. Agents we must do our part. In the runoffs and general let’s stand together for eachother. Please vote for change in our state and keep your ears open so you can make a wise choice for President. Our kids deserve it! And remember “We Are United As ONE! Those represented in the picture below faced overwhelming odds in their days. Opposition was strong and it took every ounce of their being to see progress and justice done. They set before us today to remind us that we are hear to ensure the present and future for the young is one that is worthy and one that we can be proud of. Stand strong Agents and never give up!


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