The reasons are still there!

Marvels Agents Of Ed

Can you see them? Look close…peer into the darkness. The reasons are still there. What once was, still is to this day. Reasons for liberty, justice and pursuit of happiness. Reason to why you give everything you have to educate the young so that they can move forward in and have the best chance for success in life. Those reasons will always be there. Agents you took an oath when you started the journey of influence over the young minds of yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are duty bound to fulfill your destiny. Destiny….yes, we are destined to instill the tools needed to achieve greatness! Your destiny….that is so intertwined with the students you teach and so vitally important that we must ensure it can be fulfilled to fullest. Agents you have been ignored in the past to the point our students and schools are starting to suffer. It’s time…

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