The POWER To Change Things!

Are you ready? It’s time! Time to finish what we started. Time to ensure the students and Public Education are given the respect that they deserve. Yes it’s time to stand and represent what’s good in Oklahoma. We have the power to change the future! A future much different than the present and recent past. Why?

The past 7 years of legislative failures have taken a devastating tole on all of #oklaed and other public agencies. The leadership of the red arrow was at the helm. Driving us into a dark place.

This didn’t happen overnight. No, as a matter of fact it happened over a period of time of continuos erosion. Erosion that started with a stream of ideology that was not only self serving for those in power but it slowly stripped away the supporting structures of our state and Public Education. Was that their intent….by their hand they started the trickle that would later turn into a stream of events that would bring devastating disasters. 

One disaster (revenue failure) after another! Why? Because they wanted to! Yes….they wanted to! But, it came at a cost. You see they lacked the wisdom to understand what would happen if it all went south. The cuts, tax incentives and the natural cycle of oil prices finally said….gotcha! 

Problem is…it hurt the innocent. Some were laid off, health care facilities closed and cuts to support structures for all agencies across Oklahoma. They did it! Do not forget it! However their are some in their ranks who support wisdom and stand up for Public Education and it’s students. Agents we support those who do so and stand against all who go along with the ideologies that brought us to this point. Like the picture above they have cut us deep! It’s time to stop the bleeding and the continuous eroding away of Public Education funding and this great states supporting structures. We must take back what has been lost. Agents we have the power to change things. 

We must get the message out to everyone that will listen. That message must be…wise leaders look at the big picture and look after everyone by making wise decisions that in turn will benefit all, not just the privileged! Together Agents we can stand at the top!

Stand with us! Do not relent. Take charge of you destiny and help secure the future of the young. To many have suffered at the hands of a few. Let’s stop the eroding away of our states finances and start accending to the top where we belong! It’s out there….can you see it? We have a little ways to go and a lot of work to do in order to climb to the top, but United As ONE we can do all that is necessary! Walk with us…..

Its a journey worth the effort. Together we can move mountains! 


The Time Draws Near!

In just a little more than one month away our time of reckoning comes to pass. We have fought for and stood our ground for every student, teacher administrator and district in #oklaed. Your gallant efforts have paid off time and time again over the past 10 months. Heads have turned back in the direction of the districts and most of all our students and teachers. Respect has once again started to smile at what #oklaed has, is and will continue to be…..and that Agents is….. GREATNESS! You are all awesome and someone I am proud to call friends. You fight like lions, because you are!

You have stood together with pride….honor….ferociousness when needed but most of all you have been wise!

Your integrity coupled with the passion of  thousands of hearts beating as one for our students is powerful. Agents that’s why Rick aka Agent Truth Teller or by the name that once provided a mystery to who it might be behind Okeducationtruths did what he needed to do. He still continues to do it today but without the veil. That night of the unveiling was a memorable night for everyone. I know it was for me. That was the night MARVELS was born. It’s been almost a year now since Marvel’s first tweet and December was the first blog post. SUITED UP! IT WAS TIME! Needless to say Okeducationtruths, Edgeblogger, Bluecerealeducation and the first Lady Claudia Swisher along with so many more showed me the way! And with that I say a big THANK YOU! 

I found the #oklaed family that has been spectacular! You are all awesome and tenacious when it comes to defending your calling. And DEFEND we must! I do not need to list all the DAMAGE  or all the AGENDAS that still loom on the horizon but I must remind all of us…NOVEMBER is crucial. We’ve rested but now it’s time to ramp back up. I know you will be ready.

About three weeks ago I signed up for this coming Sundays #oklaed chat. I alluded earlier to the unmasking party of okeducationtruths and how that gave birth to MARVELS Agents of Education. So Agents, at this Sundays chat you will need to be wearing your suit (avatar). Hero or villian, it’s your night! For the #oklaed cause! The topic specifics will come later this week but a small taste is in order. It will center around #oklaed yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hint….what do you want your #oklaed’s Tomorrow to look like and what are you going to do about it? But first we must take care of the Present by looking at Yesterday! So think about days past and how that has shaped today and if it’s our tomorrow! Tell all the Agents within twitter – shot to tune in. Because together we are United As ONE! See you Sunday.